"In too many neighborhoods, young people of color are more likely to go to prison than college."

On Nov. 9th, singer-songwriter Alicia Keys briefed Senate staffers about the tremendous need to reform a justice system that disproportionately affects minorities, particularly African Americans. Earlier in the day, she met with Baltimore families of incarcerated youth who have been tried and sentenced as adults. 

Keys urged briefing attendees to sign the #JusticeReformNOW petition urging Congress to roll back our nation's incarceration industry. She asserted: "Nowhere in the rest of the western world are juveniles being tried as adults, or even worse, sentenced to life sentences without parole.”

Keys was joined by New Jersy Senator Corey Booker and civil rights activist Van Jones. Booker is working with fellow Senators to advance a bipartisan justice reform bill. Jones is co-founder of #Cut50, which aims to reduce the prison population by 50% over the next ten years.

Justin Cummings