Four Things You Can Do to Stay Woke and Go Vote

With all that’s going on in our country, state, and county, it is very important that you stay woke and go vote in the 2018 Primary Election! Why? Because candidates elected in midterm elections can have a greater direct effect on your life than those elected in presidential election years.


Did you know that in the last midterm primary of Montgomery County, MD, only one in four registered voters cast a ballot? And did you also know that most midterm voters are white and over 50? Should they alone decide who will make the laws that affect you and the community in which you live?

How do you determine who to vote for?

1. Visit candidates' websites to see where they stand on issues important to you.

Knowing candidates stance on issues is important, but it is also important to note if their websites include issues important to you. The attractiveness of the website is not important, but how the information is presented on the site may be an indication of the candidate’s ability to think clearly. The absence of a website calls into question the viability of their candidacy. You can find links to candidates websites on our Election Center pages.

2. Ask candidates individually about their ability to get things done.

One to one and small group discussions are important because they give you the opportunity to get to know the candidate. These small groups and one to one conversations give you the opportunity to ask questions and decide whether candidates truly know what they’re talking about. You’ll also be able to determine if a candidate is sincere.

3. See which candidates have been endorsed by organizations that champion issues important to you.

Unions and issue advocacy organizations look closely at candidates and determine whether they are worthy of support. Endorsed candidates are recognized as the best choice to address issues relevant to the organization.  So for issues, you care about, be mindful of endorsements listed on candidates websites.

4. Compare candidates at a debate or forum.

Debates and candidate forums are great opportunities to compare candidates’ stances on important issues. They make it possible for you to determine which candidates truly understand the issues, propose the best solutions, and can effectively build support for implementation. Please see our calendar of upcoming debates and candidate forums for many of the races in Montgomery County.

So please check out our Election Center and pledge below to Stay Woke and Go Vote!

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This pledge-to-vote campaign is nonpartisan.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or political party. 

Mickell Bailey