Your Vote Matters!

Make your voice heard this year and vote in the midterm elections!  Secure your plans by signing our Pledge to Vote campaign, and making a plan to vote in the primary and general elections.

How our Campaign Works


This election year, our goal is to get at least 1,000 Montgomery County residents who tend not to vote in midterm elections to pledge to vote.  If you pledge, we will provide you with important voter information. As the Primary and General election days approach, we will remind you to cast your ballot.  After the election, we will use data from the Board of Elections to determine how many pledges actually voted.

To work towards this very important goal, we will canvas high traffic areas in predominantly African-American neighborhoods in Montgomery County where there has been low voter turnout in the last two midterm elections to register residents and to encourage registered voters to pledge to vote.  According to the American Society of Training and Development, when people make a commitment, they become 65% more likely to complete their goal.  As a result, we decided that a pledge to vote campaign may increase the number of voters who actually head to the polls on election days.

Why Vote Now?

We are conducting a pledge-to-vote campaign this year because candidates elected in midterm elections can have a greater direct effect on your life than those elected in presidential election years.  Only about 27% of registered voters vote in midterm primary elections in Montgomery County, MD, as opposed to the 81% who vote in presidential elections.  We will also use our website to provide important information about the election, including eligibility, deadlines, and who and what is on the ballot this election year.  We aren’t just working to send people to the polls, we are working to educate Maryland Voters and to make sure that new voters are equipped to decide who they want in office.

Get Out the Vote Events

In an effort to get out the vote and encourage people to head to the polls, we will also be hosting several events.  We have “Souls to the Polls” campaigns in which we are working with faith leaders to promote the importance of voting, register residents to vote, and encourage people to head as a group to the polls for early voting.  In addition, on June 16th, we will be conducting a family-friendly block party near the Early Vote center that typically has the highest turnout in Montgomery County among African-American voters.

We would like to collaborate with organizations also working on this election to amplify our respective efforts.  If you would like additional information about our campaign or would like to explore possible collaboration, please contact Amalie Zinn at azinn at ourvoicesmattermd dot org.