In this political climate, everyone is eager to make a difference. Hosting a social event is an easy and fun way to help the community by raising money for the work that we do.

Your Event

Your event doesn't need to be big or fancy. Have some friends over for coffee or drinks, a backyard barbecue, or to watch a movie. In advance, tell them that you're helping to raise money for Our Voices Matter and that you hope they'll join you in supporting the organization's work.

An OVM team member can make a short presentation and be on hand throughout your event to answer questions. Your event should be about relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and neighbors—with just a little bit of fundraising on the side.  

Simple Plan

We'll help you every step of the way. Create a guest list, fundraising goal, and suggested donation amount. Plan your social event. Invite guests and tell them what you hope to accomplish with their help. At your event, an OVM team member can briefly describe what we do and answer questions. You can then thank your guests for giving whatever they can to support this important cause. Then continue having fun!

So let us know you're interested. We'll follow up right away.