Anna and Eric



My name is Anna Regan and I am a rising senior at Colorado College pursuing a degree in Feminist and Gender Studies. An important time in my life has been my last semester, which I spent studying in India. I was able to travel throughout South India and visit my family in the North. While in India, I learned about sociology, anthropology, human rights and feminism from a culturally specific position. While interning with a foundation to help young women excel academically, I got to form relationships with resilient women. My semester’s work culminated in a short book of poetry and art highlighting the strength of South Indian women. I was lucky to form relationships with Indian women whose knowledge and wisdom revolutionized what I had learned in the US. While abroad, I learned about nontraditional ways that empowerment manifests to create change in a community. While at OVM, I hope to channel the strategies for advocacy and empowerment into my local community.  

This summer at OVM I'm working to improve access to early care and education and providing advocacy training to high schoolers.


My name is Eric Hoang and I'm a student at Gaithersburg High School. I love anything related to the social sciences or language. I always love improving myself and helping people around me improve as well. I've lived in Montgomery County all my life, and due to its diversity, I've learned to appreciate different ideologies, cultures, and beliefs. My friends have always been there for me and helped guide me through things I didn't always understand - their presence in my life has always been profound. So profound, in fact, that it made me want to follow in their footsteps and help other people in the same way that they helped me. That's a big reason why I've decided to join Our Voices Matter and help people to take action towards a better life. 

This summer I'm working on fundraising for OVM and community outreach in the Aspen Hill neighborhood.


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