Anna and Pranav



My name is Anna Nguyen and I am a rising senior at W.T. Woodson High School. I look forward to majoring in public health with a focus on healthcare reform. Growing up with immigrant parents in a conservative community gave me firsthand experience of the prominent inequalities that exist between communities. My first personal encounters with social and economic injustices inspired me to become involved in community organizing and grassroots political change. I was always dismayed and vexed by the lack of attention shown towards the concerns of the people of color in my area, and how some groups were obviously systematically favored over others. It was shocking and disturbing to realize how little people cared about the injustice right in front of them, especially because it didn’t pertain to them. An important lesson I learned was how to channel anger into action, which I did through campaigning in the 2016 presidential election and by starting my school’s Young Democrats organization. I joined Our Voices Matter to continue this mission and to inspire people in underrepresented communities to advocate for themselves and to give them the tools to do so successfully. 

During my time at OVM I am working on bringing economic opportunities to Montgomery County residents that support the cost of living here. I am also pursuing community engagement in the Long Branch area.


I live in Potomac, MD and am a rising senior at Winston Churchill High School as part of Montgomery County Public Schools. In college I plan on double majoring in a field of economics such as finance or accounting as well as political science. For the last two years I have interned for Maryland House of Delegates Representative Marc Korman and the experience I gained from this allows me to be a great grassroots organizer. The main tasks I performed were attending meetings throughout Montgomery County about infrastructure projects and attending local town hall meetings along with doing research projects that help with crafting legislation and sending emails and mail to constituents. One project that I worked on was helping schools to get increased funding for Free and Reduced meals by creating a list of schools most in need that the Delegate supplied to his colleagues during session. Lastly, I have greatly expanded the database that allows for the Delegate to contact the people he represents to keep the people up-to-date on every issue and piece of legislation he has worked on. This work has allowed me to garner key experience in furthering the effort to create a more civically engaged populous.

At Our Voices Matter, I am currently working on increasing voter registration, civic engagement, and leadership development in the low socioeconomic community of White Flint as well as increasing affordable housing options throughout Montgomery County.

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