Carolyn and Daktari



My name is Carolyn Chang and I’m a rising senior at Walter Johnson High School.  I learned that I want to work in community activism by participating in the Youth and Government (YAG) program at my high school.  Although I attend a fairly liberal high school, I attended a statewide conference with YAG students from all over Maryland.  It really broadened my horizons to be able to see all of those different perspectives within my state, and I was inspired by how passionate my peers were when debating their bills. This experience has allowed me to be more understanding of people that come from all different backgrounds, and I learned so much about the issues that our state faces. I immediately knew that I wanted to help make a change, and I’m willing to do anything to make that happen.

This summer, I'm connecting OVM with more community service and working to improve early care and education in Montgomery County. 


Hello, my name is Daktari Martin, I am a rising senior at Chesapeake Math and IT Academy. I plan on majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. The entirety of my life I have lived in predominantly African American neighborhoods. So when the killing of Trayvon Martin, Freddie Grey, and countless others occurred, my community was outraged. In the midst of all that was going on in the world around us, we wanted to make sure this did not happen in our neighborhood. So we started a neighborhood watch unit and joined in on the Black Lives Matter March on Washington. This was a very fundamental and life-learning experience to help me become a part of the change to come, and see my community come together. I would like to continue with that same energy and passion at Our Voices Matter. I would like to promote positive and healthy change within my community with the help of OVM.

This summer, I'm working on bringing more economic opportunities to residents of Montgomery County, as well as encouraging civic engagement in the Hillendale area.

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