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Hi. My name is Hyoun Jung Cho and I have recently received a B. Sc. in Nutritional Science at McGill in Canada. I was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea and then I lived in Montreal, a highly multicultural city, for my studies at university. Then, I came to Washington DC which is also a highly diverse city last September after my graduation. I have been exposed to many different people, cultures and food, and being a part of these communities helped me to understand people in a wider range based on the cultures they grew up in. I would like to help people improve their quality of life, especially for underrepresented communities, by expanding my knowledge and experience through OVM.

This summer, I'm working to bring volunteer opportunities to Our Voices Matter so we can reach out to the community more, as well as fundraising.




My name is Oladipo Fadeyi and I am a rising junior at Towson High School. I am currently enrolled in my school's Law and Public Policy magnet program and hope to study economics and public policy at a D.C.-area university. Following the death of Freddie Grey, I became increasingly aware of the institutional issues and effective disenfranchisement that is faced by many people of color, including many who live in OVM's target communities, and I also joined the ensuing Black Lives Matter protests. Later, I was further inspired by the relative success of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign and the previously unheard voice that it represented. I am interning with Our Voices Matter to help create positive change in underrepresented communities and spread the tools and skills necessary for their residents to advocate for themselves.

This summer at OVM, I am working to reduce the achievement gap that affects African American students in Montgomery County. I am also working to bring living-wage economic opportunities residents in our communities.


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