Rebecca and Justin



My name is Rebecca Shue and I am a senior at Towson University in Baltimore County. I am working toward my B.S. in Social Science; this major consists of courses from the Departments of Economics; Geography and Environmental Planning; History; Political Science; and Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice. I grew up in southern Pennsylvania and moved to Baltimore as a young adult, and now I currently reside in Washington D.C. I have encountered much diversity throughout these different areas and can appreciate the many cultures. I have always enjoyed helping others through volunteer work, and seeing the issues that arise in underrepresented communities has motivated me to help through Our Voices Matter. 

At OVM, I am working to bring community service to interns and volunteers here so that we can make an impact in our community. I am also aiming to engage residents in the Hillendale area.


Hi, my name is Justin Cummings and I am a recent High Point University (HPU) Graduate and future University of Baltimore Law Student (UB). I was born in New York City and raised in Montgomery County Maryland. Attending HPU, a Predominantly White Institution (PWI) in North Carolina, I was surrounded by people who had money and influence but lacked compassion for people less fortunate than themselves. This lack of compassion inspired me to not only discuss issues that affect these individuals but to take action and become an activist. In order to take action, I joined my school's diversity club and after graduating I joined OVM as an intern. I intend to continue my activism while attending Law School at UB and further in the future as a Public Interest Lawyer. 

This summer, I'm working on engagement in the White Oak area as well as voter participation and getting voters engaged.


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