Saron and Alex



My name is Saron Mosazghi and I am a rising senior at Springbrook High School. Over the past several years, I have seen the injustices that the African American community has faced all over the country. Seeing people respond to these injustices through protests and community organization, I felt empowered by the ability of people to come together and tell their leaders that they care about an issue and the need for change. The election which outraged my community encouraged me to seek an organization that focuses on minority groups' involvement in politics. Being from an area that OVM focuses on, I believe my time in the community and years of volunteer experience will allow me to connect with people we are working with.

At OVM, I am working on High School Advocacy project and Neighborhood engagement of the White Oak area. 


My name is Alex Morgan and I am from Montgomery County Maryland. I am a senior at Walter Johnson High School where I am completing a science scholars program and am an officer for two of my school's different science teams. I am also an officer for my school's Youth and Government club. Through a range of outside activities, like Muay Thai and Longboarding, I have met community members from all walks of life that have come together to share a common activity. This interaction with the diverse people in our area has given me a great understanding of the problems and concerns within Maryland. I have come to OVM to help others learn and grow about civic advocacy within their communities so that they can be the voice of change for their own issues. I hope through my time at Our Voices Matter I can grow my own civic advocacy while helping others find solutions and help within the Maryland community.

This summer, I'm working on social media for OVM and community outreach in the Hillendale area.


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