Internship Program

We recruit, train and mentor high school and college-age community organizers. Already passionate about social justice issues, OVM interns develop the skills needed to train and engage residents around any issue.

Under the guidance of advocacy and training experts, OVM interns learn by doing as they: 

  • Conduct research and analyze policy

  • Develop and implement advocacy and communications strategy

  • Recruit, train, and engage volunteers

  • Organize and co-facilitate meetings, trainings, and advocacy activities

  • Form and strengthen alliances to work in coalition with other groups

  • Critically evaluate their efforts


OVM Fellowships

A fellowship with Our Voices Matter provides skilled professionals the opportunity to enhance their resume while sharing with our interns their expertise on strategy and tactics of: 

  • Community organizing

  • Grassroots advocacy

  • Digital organizing

We’d also welcome a Fellow who is expert in the training of trainers. Our goal is to prepare our interns to teach organizing and advocacy skills to community members.

Fellows and interns negotiate mutually convenient meeting times. 

Become an Intern

We offer unpaid internships year-round to high school and college students and recent grads. Become a “grassroots organizer in training.”

Become a Fellow

Are you an advocacy, organizing or training expert? Enhance your resume by sharing your expertise with our interns.