When and Where

Voter Registration Deadlines

You have until June 5, 2018 to register or change your party affiliation for the primary election. This includes online registration.

Check here to confirm that you're registered.

Same-Day Registration

You can register to vote during early voting. Be sure to bring a document that proves where you live.

Early Voting

From June 14 to June 21, you can cast your Primary Election ballot at any of the Early Voting Centers in your county

Early Voting Centers are open 10am to 8pm each day, including Saturday and Sunday during that period.

Absentee Ballots (Vote by Mail)

You can request an absentee ballot if you'd prefer to vote by mail.

June 19 is the deadline if you want your Absentee Ballot mailed to you.  

June 22 is the deadline if you want to download your ballot from the State Board of Elections website.

Polling Places

Find your Election Day polling place here.

Identification Requirements

Identification for Voter Registration

When registering to vote, you must provide your Driver’s License or MVA ID number, if you have one. If you don't, you must enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Required Identification When Voting

Some first-time voters will be asked to show ID before voting.

Here is a list of Election Day Questions and Answers, including what ID to bring with you if you're a first-time voter.

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Access & Eligibility

Party Primaries and Voting

You can only vote in a party’s primary if you are a registered member of that party.

Minors and Voting

You can vote in your party's 2018 Primary Election as long as you will be 18 by the date of the General Election, November 6, 2018.

You can also register to vote when you’re 16.

Ex-Offenders and Voting

Upon release, ex-offenders can register to vote, even if they are on parole or probation.

Persons with Disabilities and Voting

Maryland is committed to making voting accessible to all voters.

Victims of Domestic Violence and Voting

The Maryland Safe at Home Address Confidentiality Program (ACP) advises participants who are eligible voters to apply to vote as absentee voters and not to use the Motor Voter system.

The Homeless and Voting

You do not need a fixed residence to vote as long as you meet the other voting requirements and you have an address where you can receive mail.

Voting After a Move

Fill out a new voter registration form or send your new address to the local board of elections at least 21 days before any election.

Voting While Overseas

Maryland citizens who reside outside the U.S. or serve in the Uniformed Services may vote by absentee ballot.

Who and What’s on the Ballot

Contests on the 2018 Maryland Election Ballot

Check here to find all contested federal, state, and county offices.

Candidates Running for Office in Maryland

Check here to see who will be on the primary election ballot. 

Candidate Forums and Debates

We will add candidate forums and debates to our events calendar as they are announced.

Your Vote Matters!


People elected in midterm elections can have a greater direct effect on your life than those elected in presidential election years.

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