Community Empowerment

Aspiring grassroots advocates and emerging leaders learn to organize in their community and develop their advocacy skills as they take collective action on a policy issue of their choice.

Leadership Development

High school and college student interns learn to train others and co-facilitate issue advocacy campaigns.

Voter engagement

New voters register and receive nonpartisan information about candidates and issues on the ballot as well as encouragement during the voting period to ensure that they actually do exercise their right to vote.

Recent Accomplishments



Benefits to Individuals

Newly minted community organizers and grassroots advocates use the skills and experience they acquire through our program to train others and effect positive social change throughout their lives.

Benefits to Society

  1. Changes in policies, structures, practices and/or resources that actually reduce racial disparities in educational attainment and economic status are implemented, strengthened, and sustained.

  2. Increased representation and participation of people from socio-economically diverse backgrounds in appointed and elected offices advance social justice for all.




Intermediate outcomes anticipated in underrepresented and/or low-income communities of color:

  1. Increased issue knowledge, self-confidence, sense of impact on issues, and participation in policy-related events such as town hall meetings and community forums

  2. Sustained issue education, advocacy training, and organizing led by emergent grassroots leaders in the community

  3. Sustained participation in and/or formation of alliances, coalitions, and networks by emergent grassroots leaders

  4. Increased influence with and support from elected and appointed officials

  5. Increased voter registration and voting among eligible community members