Why should I vote? My voice doesn’t matter.
— Long Branch Resident

The Problem

In some of the wealthiest suburbs of our nation’s capital, too many of its Black and Brown residents fall below the federal poverty line. Anybody would prioritize putting food on the table over civic engagement. As a result of this reality, their interests are consistently underrepresented in government. Often, this leads to disillusionment with and detachment from civic participation. 


Help Maryland residents reclaim their civic voice.

Check out ways you can make a difference by sharing your time and talents!

Help us train and mobilize those who now realize they can make a difference in the struggle for social justice.

Sharpen your organizing, advocacy, and leadership skills as you work with others to bring about change.

Making a Difference.

Current Projects

  • Developing an advocacy campaign to require hate crime training for Maryland Law Enforcement

  • Organizing CUAH’s year-long county-wide training series on hate crimes and bias incidents that will be launched early in 2019

  • Creating an organizer training module on how to produce short call-to-action videos

  • Conducting a series of organizer trainings in partnership with CUAH’s Youth Creating Change program

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Where Your Donation Goes

87 cents of every dollar donated goes to help Maryland residents organize, train, and advocate for themselves.


  • Held 2 get-out-the-vote events near Early Vote Centers in Montgomery County MD

  • Created and promoted our website’s Election Center to disseminate voting eligibility and ballot information

  • Provided nonpartisan voter information to more than 100 Maryland residents who pledged to vote in 2018

  • Conducted more than 10 organizer trainings for over 150 interns and area high school students

  • Trained and engaged more than 50 high school, college, and post-graduate interns

  • Helped to develop CUAH’s Youth Creating Change initiative and revamped CUAH’s database and website